Is Infinity Train The Future Of Cartoon Network?



Will cartoon network green light this show? Is a question we all have in our minds. So what is infinity train? Infinity train is a cartoon network minisode made by Owen Dennis who helped story board regular show and the movie. And what is the story?

It starts with our main character named tulip and her robot friend(s) maned one one and their in a train that goes on for infinity. She has a number on her hand 53 no one knows what that means, their is a lot of fan theories of what that number means.

So far I can safely say that infinity train will be a good show if it comes out. Do you what that show to air? If yes then tell cartoon network. I personally want this to be a full show.

If you have not watched it yet it’s on cartoon network’s youtube channel. And also if you want people to know more about his show than share this to everyone.


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