Why Cartoon Network Shows Ending Can Be A Good Thing.


Here are some reasons why cartoon network shows should end. Don’t get me wrong CN has made great shows most of these are great. (Except UG) The  biggest reason is that all good things must come to an end. If they don’t cancel them the shows quality will go down like spongebob,family guy  or fairy odd parents. Those shows started of good but went down hill after a wile.

If you don’t know which shows are ending their

  • Regular Show (2017)
  • Adventure Time (2018)
  • Amazing World Of Gumball? (2017) (I put the question mark since I don’t know if the show’s creator is leaving or the show is ending Ben did not make it clear.
  • Uncle Grandpa (2017)

Well it’s not all bad we bear bears is good and infinity train looks promising if it comes out. If you don’t know about infinity train click here to learn more about it. And their is still Clarence it’s ok.

So what do you think let me know in the comments and like my face book page


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