Reasons Why Welcome To My Life WON’T Be Greenlit.

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By now a lot of people have seen welcome to my life if you don’t know what this short is welcome to my life is an animated short produced my Cartoon Network that features our main antagonist T-Cash as his day-to-day life in a human school.

The Show is pretty calm and the animation is decent, it’s very different from CN’s current line-up of shows as it’s very low on humor and at times it breaks into some kind of interview which I find pretty weird.

The animation is interesting it’s not like anything I have seen on modern cartoon network the closest I can see would be The Amazing World Of Gumbel and it feels kinda like Hey Arnold.

Now the reasons why it won’t get picked up. It’s too calm, remember cartoon network’s main demographics are children and children most likely won’t watch it for that reason. kids on cartoon network watch Teen Titans Go, Power Puff Girls etc.. Shows that have comedy.

At the end of the day, cartoon network is a business and they will always go for the most successful shows that kids will watch and at the off-chance, it does get picked up it most probably last for a season or two and end.

I think it’s an okay short. It’s nothing like what people are hyping it up to be, but if you like it that okay it’s just my opinion if you have a counter argument write it in the comments.


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