Reasons Why Welcome To My Life WON’T Be Greenlit.

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By now a lot of people have seen welcome to my life if you don’t know what this short is welcome to my life is an animated short produced my Cartoon Network that features our main antagonist T-Cash as his day-to-day life in a human school.

The Show is pretty calm and the animation is decent, it’s very different from CN’s current line-up of shows as it’s very low on humor and at times it breaks into some kind of interview which I find pretty weird.

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Why Cartoons Aren’t Just For Kids.


I have heard this before “Cartoons are just for kids and you will eventually grow out of it” I’m going to list some reasons why that statement is false

If cartoons are just for kids then why are most cartoons made for both kids and adults regular show, gravity falls, we bear bears etc….

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Why Cartoon Network Shows Ending Can Be A Good Thing.


Here are some reasons why cartoon network shows should end. Don’t get me wrong CN has made great shows most of these are great. (Except UG) The  biggest reason is that all good things must come to an end. If they don’t cancel them the shows quality will go down like spongebob,family guy  or fairy odd parents. Those shows started of good but went down hill after a wile.

If you don’t know which shows are ending their

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Is Infinity Train The Future Of Cartoon Network?



Will cartoon network green light this show? Is a question we all have in our minds. So what is infinity train? Infinity train is a cartoon network minisode made by Owen Dennis who helped story board regular show and the movie. And what is the story?

It starts with our main character named tulip and her robot friend(s) maned one one and their in a train that goes on for infinity. She has a number on her hand 53 no one knows what that means, their is a lot of fan theories of what that number means.

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